Visi dan Misi

Vision and Mission

Civil engineering is a grand profession-serving humankind throughout the nation. Although civil engineers are often the unsung heroes of modern development, the accomplishment of their profession in building better roads, building, bridges, dams, irrigation systems, plants and many other projects have greatly contributed to the development of society as it is known today. Civil engineers are the planners, designers, builders of nation structures and infrastructures. However, they cannot rest on the accomplishments of the past, for the future holds many new challenges for their profession.

Vision of the Study Program of Civil Engineering is to be internationally acknowledged civil engineering educational institution that produces high quality competitive graduates possessing academic knowledge and professional skills to meet technological challenges of complex problems of infrastructures and environment in their engineering profession.

Assuring quality education for civil engineers is a prime responsibility of the Study Program, and of every practicing of academia civil engineers. The education process is a dynamic one starting with formal education in the university and continuing throghtout lifetimes via professional publications, practical experience, lectures, and formal continuing education programs. Global development of science and technology is identified by the efficient usage of resources. Entering the global competition, Indonesia should have strong professional human resources that are able to compete regionally and internationally.

Mission of the Study Program of Civil Engineering is to provide a conducive academic atmosphere that enables the achievement of high quality education and equips students with academic knowledege, professional skills, character,and motivation essential to yield the high quality copetitive civil engineers.

Therefore, the Study Program is a vehicle by which the breadth and the depth of the professional talents available can be integrated with the outstanding talents in the public and private sectors to develop solutions to civil engineering problems through vigorous research and educational efforts. The goal of excellence in civil engineering education from a good civil educational experience can only be achieved by a capable, competent, and highly motivated faculty dedicated to the profession of teaching, as well as having the best student quality.